Batwoman’s Ruby Rose Reveals Emergency Surgery After Stunts Nearly Paralyzed Her

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Batwoman’s Ruby Rose Reveals Emergency Surgery After Stunts Nearly Paralyzed Her

Stunt work is one of the riskiest jobs in Hollywood, and while the work may not always look as devastating or high stakes as it does on screen, it can still be dangerous. One person reminding viewers of the risk involved in that hazardous job profession is Batwoman star Ruby Rose, who recently underwent emergency surgery. Rose went under the knife recently following injuries from stunt work that could’ve left her paralyzed.

The news came from Ruby Rose, who explained what’s happening with that new scar on her neck fans had been asking her about. Rose said that’s from the surgery, and shared a bit of what she was going through prior to having the work done.

Great Grey’s Anatomy reference, but holy hell Batwoman! That’s quite a scary thing Ruby Rose had to deal with so it’s good to hear that, presumably, things have gone well post-surgery. It doesn’t seem like her presence on Batwoman will be impacted all that much, though one would reckon she may not do quite as much stunt work as she’s done in the past.

By the way, for anyone wondering what that video part in the quote was all about, Ruby Rose shared the video of the procedure on her personal Instagram. Squeamish souls may be best served to skip this one, especially if they’re uncomfortable with seeing someone be cut open and have their neck operated on! This video really gets up close and personal.

Random thought, but think of the sheer amount of specialized surgeons Gotham City needs with folks like Batwoman running around and breaking bones every which way! The villains in this version of Gotham at least won’t need to worry about Batman running amok, unless Kevin Conroy’s Batman plans on a making a home there after “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

Batwoman premieres on The CW Sunday, October 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET. CinemaBlend will be the place to be for news on it going forward, as well as the source for any other news happening in the world of fall television as we march towards the end of the year.

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