Crunchyroll Announces New Fall 2019 Premieres

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Crunchyroll Announces New Fall 2019 Premieres

The Fall 2019 anime season will be upon us in just a few days, and fans will soon have access to several new series debuts and major returns. There’s going to be a lot of new projects competing for your attention, and Crunchyroll is going to be offering several fun options to add to your queues. This includes four recently announced additions such as the new film BLACKFOX, the kooky cat banana anime Bananya and the Curious Bunch, and the sequel seasons to two popular Aniplex favorites We Never Learn: BOKUBEN and Granblue Fantasy: The Animation.

BLACKFOX will officially launch in full on October 4th at 9AM PST alongside its theatrical debut in Japan. But fans can check out a special preview for the movie now streaming on Crunchyroll. The film is officially described as such:

“Living in a ninja residence tucked away in a corner of a futuristic city is Rikka, the eldest daughter of a Ninja clan, who looks up to her father—a researcher—very much.Carrying on with her life normally, Rikka’s home came suddenly under attack one day. Driven into a corner, what would she do to overcome this crisis?Rip darkness to pieces and become ‘BLACK’!”

Another release on the way is Bananya and the Curious Bunch. Although there is no set date for its release as of its writing, Crunchyroll officially describes the series as such, “There are still many mysterious creatures in this universe that we don’t know about. On a distant planet, one mysterious species has come into existence. They are known as “Bananyas.” What sort of planet do the Bananyas come from, and what sort of life do they lead? And what if they began to dream about coming to Earth someday?”

Crunchyroll also boosted their simulcast line-up for Fall 2019 with two much anticipated Aniplex anime sequels. First is We Never Learn: BOKUBEN Season 2, which is currently scheduled to launch next week in North America, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland starting on October 5th at 10AM PDT.

The series is described as such, “Nariyuki Yuiga is in his last and most painful year of high school. In order to gain the “special VIP recommendation” which would grant him a full scholarship to college, he becomes a tutor for the three super-geniuses of the academy, Fumino Furuhashi, Rizu Ogata, and Uruka Takemoto. Despite being completely clueless outside of their pet subjects, will they be able to pass the entrance exams to the school of their choice with Nariyuki’s guidance!?

On top of that, he also has to deal with Mafuyu Kirisu, their seemingly cold-blooded but extremely klutzy teacher, and Asumi Kominami, an alum who works as a maid while trying to get into medical school. Now, Nariyuki and his students are entering the final stretch of studying before the entrance exams! Meanwhile, could there be signs of love? The romantic comedy featuring our prodigies who never learn returns to the stage as they continue studying and, perhaps, they may even find love!”

Next is Granblue Fantasy: The Animation Season 2, which will also be available in North America, Latin America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand starting on October 4th at 9:30AM PDT. The series is described as such, “A young boy, yearning to take to the skies and reach the Island of the Astrals, suddenly found both his life and his fate linked to a mysterious, blue-haired girl. They set off on a skyward journey, meeting trusted friends, crewmates, and the massive airship to be their wings along the way.

While evading the clutches of the empire and facing off against fearsome primal beasts, the duo felt their bond deepening—their lives changing. But despite these tribulations, they’re still a long way away from their elusive destination. The boy and girl, accompanied by fellow seekers of adventure, depart once more into the vast blue skies.”

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