Discovery Season 3 Will ‘Blow You Away,’ According To Doug Jones

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Discovery Season 3 Will ‘Blow You Away,’ According To Doug Jones

As the world continues to hang on each and every exciting reveal from the upcoming Star Trek: Picard, it’s easy to forget that Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery should be pretty exciting as well. The CBS All Access series made a massive jump into the future at the end of last season, and will return in new episodes in an era beyond where any Star Trek series has ventured before.

Saru actor Doug Jones is excited about the upcoming season, and explained that the story will really get moving when the adventure returns. Lots of answers are coming, including answers that will update his standing on the Discovery.

Doug Jones is promising the answers to a lot of questions fans had at the end of Star Trek: Discovery Season 2. The official story told to Starfleet by those left behind following the big battle with Control was that the Discovery was destroyed. Only a select few know the truth that the Discovery leapt to the future, all in an attempt to protect its technology from any forces, time-traveling or otherwise, intent on owning it.

Several centuries have passed since then, so it wouldn’t be surprising if some within Starfleet learned the truth behind what happened with the Discovery. If so, envoys may be waiting for the ship in order to intercept the crew, as could enemies hoping to deceive the time-travelers who may not even know which way is up. Hell, there’s 100 things fans may expect, which is what Doug Jones has told Collider is part of the fun in being a part of this season.

It’s something Star Trek fans all around should be excited about, as Star Trek: Discovery is free from the bonds of adhering to past canon. Additionally, it has the ability to create new canon in an untapped era of the Star Trek timeline, which broadens the creative freedom writers can have immensely. No one should really be mad at that, unless of course they were hoping for many more adventures with Anson Mount’s Captain Pike.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is in the works, though fans have not been told when to expect the CBS All Access series to return. Stick with CinemaBlend as always for updates on what’s happening in the world of television and movies.

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