Demon Slayer Shines With These 5 Great Nezuko Cosplays

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Demon Slayer Shines With These 5 Great Nezuko Cosplays

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has been one of the biggest action anime debuts of the year, and while it started out with a slow burn fans were gripped from the beginning thanks to the unique dynamic between Tanjiro Kamado and his sister Nezuko. Despite her demonic transformation as almost as soon as we first meet her in the series, Nezuko has quickly become one of the most standout anime characters of the year. With an adorable design, tragic transformation, and undying loyalty to her brother, Nezuko’s been a pretty great choice for artists to bring to life through cosplay.

With so many great Nezuko cosplays out there in the world, we here at decided to shine a light on a few great ones currently being shared. But this is nowhere near the end of great Nezuko cosplay out there, for sure.

Read on to see some of the best Nezuko cosplay out there, and let us know your favorite examples in the comments! Who are some of your favorite cosplay artists? Why do you think Nezuko’s such a great choice for cosplay?

Slide 1 of 5Here’s One Gorgeous Set-Up!

Cosplay artist @fragile_shano (who you can find on Instagram here) features an elaborate set for this take on Nezuko, and its stunning display is amplified even more so! Definitely great at tapping into the traditional setting and style of the original series: 

Slide 2 of 5This One Comes with a Box!

Cosplay artist @ritheania.c (who you can find on Instagram here) comes equipped with their own Nezuko box showing just how Nezuko gets herself onto Tanjiro’s back every day:

Slide 3 of 5Wait, Gamer Nezuko???

Cosplay artist @axiri_cosplay (who you can find on Instagram here) put a hilarious new spin on Nezuko that still makes her an even more adorable of a character! It’s not hard to imagine that Nezuko stays balled up in her room playing games and avoiding the outside world much like the demon Nezuko avoids the sun in the main series: 

Slide 4 of 5Dynamic Action!

Cosplay artist @olsetto_cos (who you can find on Instagram here) tapped into their takes for both Tanjiro and Nezuko to provide a great action shot of the brother-sister duo in mid-fight! It’s a great display of talent tapping into Demon Slayer‘s characters at their best:

Slide 5 of 5Nezuko Joins the Demon Slaying Corps

One of the most fun “What if?” concepts to come from Demon Slayer fans has been what it might look like if Nezuko joined the Demon Slaying Corps instead of Tanjiro. Cosplay artist @curio_cos (who you can find on Instagram here) taps into this idea to great results, and now we’re wondering what a full series with Nezuko would look like instead. It’d probably be just as cool as this cosplay: 

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