Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams Talks Power Cameo And If He’s Involved With Starz’s Spinoffs

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Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams Talks Power Cameo And If He’s Involved With Starz’s Spinoffs

Very mild spoilers ahead from Power Season 6’s October 27, 2019 episode.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Jackson Avery wouldn’t even recognize the heavily tattooed character Jesse Williams just played on Starz’s Power. Williams took a break from Grey Sloan drama for a guest role in Power Season 6, Episode 9, “Scorched Earth,” which aired Sunday, October 27 on Starz.

In the episode, Jesse Williams had the small role as Kadeem, LaKeisha’s (La La Anthony) ex-lover, who had a scene with Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).

Jesse Williams had previewed his cameo the day before it aired:

How did Jesse Williams end up nabbing a role in Power‘s final season? As he told Entertainment Weekly, he’s a good friend of Power creator Courtney Kemp, and he’s also a big fan of the show.

Now Power fans can imagine Jesse Williams’ Kadeem in the background of every moment from the series so far. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be a continuing presence on the upcoming Power spinoffs that have already been announced. While he wants to continue working with Courtney Kemp, he’s not currently on board for the Power spinoff:

Right after the news came out that Power would be ending with Season 6, executive producer Courtney Kemp talked about having four potential spinoffs in the works:

Sounds like Jesse Williams is definitely open to the possibility of more Power moves, but what about Grey’s Anatomy? Jesse Williams was reportedly the last series regular to sign on for the currently airing Grey’s Anatomy Season 16. He didn’t just sign for this year, though, he’s on board for ABC’s Season 17 as well.

According to Deadline, one of Jesse Williams’ Grey’s Anatomy contract sticking points was his availability this year so he could do Power, presumably, but also prepare for his Broadway debut this spring. He may be missing some episodes later this year to prepare for that role. As of now, Dr. Avery is enjoying a new romance in a Station 19 crossover, and not enjoying spending more time working with Dr. Tom Koracick.

Jesse Williams told EW Grey’s Anatomy has been very accommodating with his schedule, since he’s been there 11 years.

That’s good to hear. Jesse Williams has become one of the main stars of Grey’s Anatomy, and fans were briefly worried that they might lose Jackson to the fog of the Season 15 finale. As Williams noted, he has a lot going on career-wise beyond Grey’s Anatomy and we’ll have to stay tuned to see if he indeed returns for a Power spinoff or if that was just some one-off fun.

Power is currently airing its final season on Sundays, although the episodes might get disrupted for Comcast subscribers (and 50 Cent is not happy about it). Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC.

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