Cameron Boyce Just Premiered One Of His Final Roles In HBO’s Mrs. Fletcher

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Cameron Boyce Just Premiered One Of His Final Roles In HBO’s Mrs. Fletcher

Descendants and Jessie star Cameron Boyce died in July at age 20 due to complications with epilepsy. His shocking death came when his career was just getting started and he had several projects that were completed but not yet shown. One of those projects was the HBO limited comedy series Mrs. Fletcher. That series, starring Kathryn Hahn, just premiered last night and the first episode ended with a dedication “in loving memory of Cameron Boyce.”

In Mrs. Fletcher, Cameron Boyce plays the series regular role of Zach, college roommate of Brendan (Jackson White). Brendan is the son of main character Eve Fletcher (Kathryn Hahn). We should be seeing a lot more of Boyce’s Zach after his introduction in the October 27 premiere, which showed college move-in day. From here, we’ll be following Brendan’s struggles at college, with Zach right there in the mix.

Mrs. Fletcher is based on the novel by Tom Perrotta and he also executive produced the series and wrote the premiere episode. Perrotta shared a statement after Cameron Boyce’s death (via Deadline):

As for what’s next, Cameron Boyce still has the indie film Runt coming. The movie was said to be in post-production when Cameron Boyce died on July 6, 2019. According to EW, Boyce plays Cal, an unpopular 17-year-old trying to graduate and get out of his home town as quickly as possible.

Cameron Boyce is also meant to play a teen named Simon Ostergaard in the rock star-focused series Paradise City, which is also meant to be coming soon. Simon is described as an aspiring singer and DIY concert promoter who’s being raised in Virginia by his single mother (Perrey Reeves), who battles alcoholism and the stress of dealing with Simon’s rich and famous music mogul father, Oliver Ostergaard (Ryan Hurst), who refuses to acknowledge his son’s existence.

Meanwhile, Cameron Boyce can be seen each week in Mrs. Fletcher, which will continue airing every Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on HBO. Keep up with everything still airing on TV this year with our handy 2019 fall TV premiere schedule.

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