Netflix’s Tom Ellis Reveals Season 5 Is Being Split In Half

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Netflix’s Tom Ellis Reveals Season 5 Is Being Split In Half

The Devil will hopefully get his due in the fifth and final season of Lucifer on Netflix, and star Tom Ellis just dropped some interesting news about the final batch of episodes. Lucifer will join shows like Fuller House and The Ranch as series with seasons split into two halves for separate releases on the streaming giant. Ellis shared the news with Lucifer superfan Kelly Clarkson during her recent visit to the Season 5 set, saying this:

Yes, the King of Hell will be back for two more runs of episodes, even if Lucifer was technically only renewed for one season! I have to imagine that the supersized final season, which originally received an order for ten episodes, is what led to the split.

By adding a whole extra six episodes to the count for the final season, Netflix can almost give the impression of two new seasons. After all, Season 4 only ran for ten episodes. Two runs of eight episodes are a treat for fans! Even Lucifer‘s boss has said that fans shouldn’t push for a Season 6 after successfully winning a Season 4.

Unfortunately, Tom Ellis did not spill when the first half of Lucifer Season 5 will go live on Netflix. So far, all that has been confirmed by Netflix is that the new episodes will premiere in 2020, which could mean anywhere between around ten weeks or 14 months at this point! Hopefully the split means the first batch of episodes comes sooner rather than later.

Kelly Clarkson certainly had a good time when she visited the Lucifer set, along with her mom and sister, during taping for The Kelly Clarkson Show. Take a look!

For now, you can catch all four current seasons of Lucifer (including the three that aired on Fox before the network gave the series the axe) streaming on Netflix. The fourth season ended on a cliffhanger that saw Lucifer return to his place as King of Hell, shortly after he and Chloe took a big step in the right romantic direction.

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