Alicization Shares Spooky Halloween Visual

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Alicization Shares Spooky Halloween Visual

Sword Art Online is currently in the midst of celebrating its monumental tenth anniversary, and while the current Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld is currently embroiled in some pretty dramatic themes, it’s not exactly having an impact on the rest of the celebration. Luckily the characters of the franchise can be a little more goofy outside of the confines of the narrative, and this means that fans are privy to some pretty adorable looks for the main cast. This is especially true for the spooky Halloween season.

A new scan from the latest release Dengeki G’s magazine shared a cute new look at Kirito and Asuna as they have dressed up for the spooky season. Kirito has gone full vampire, and Asuna has taken on a devilish new look. Check out the visual as shared by @Kirari_star on Twitter below!

If you wanted to jump back into the series, you can currently find Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, HIDIVE, and Hulu. Thankfully there’s plenty of time to get acquainted with the new arc as it has been confirmed to run for 23 episodes. War of Underworld is unfortunately more serious than not, and while it’s been well received by fans, it doesn’t allow room for more fun looks like this. It’s a shame because you’d figure a game world would have some fun holiday events.

War of Underworld is described as such, “Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice. Six months have passed since the two disciples and an Integrity Knight brought down the pontifex, Administrator. With the fighting over, Alice has been living in her hometown of Rulid Village. Beside her is Kirito, who has not only lost his arm and soul, but also his dear friend.

As Alice devotes herself to looking after Kirito, she too has lost the will to fight she once had as a knight. “Tell me, Kirito… What should I do?” Nevertheless, the time for the final stress test – one which will engulf the entire Underworld with tragedy – draws relentlessly closer. Meanwhile, in the deepest areas of the Dark Territory, the Dark God Vecta has resurrected, as if to have waited for this very moment. Leading an army of dark forces, they begin their invasion into the human empire in hopes of attaining the Priestess of Light.

The human empire force led by the Integrity Knight Bercouli prepares for a war of an unimaginable scale against the army of the Dark Territory. Even then, Alice is nowhere to be seen, nor the two heroes that saved the realm… The curtain rises on the final chapter of the SAO series’ longest and most glorious battle – the Alicization arc.”

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