Boruto Fans Are Hyped For Jiraiya and Sasuke’s Alliance

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Boruto Fans Are Hyped For Jiraiya and Sasuke’s Alliance

The time travel arc has allowed viewers to re-experience the early episodes of the Naruto franchise, re-visiting the Hidden Leaf Village during a time where physical and emotional conflicts were plaguing the village. While we have had the chance to see some of our favorite characters in their younger forms, it looks as if we are going to see a new alliance formed between the older Sasuke and Naruto’s most meaningful mentor with Jiraiya. Shockingly, Sasuke and Jiraiya had barely interacted, if at all, throughout the franchise, so this recent storyline is going to give us the chance to see just how their characters bounce off one another.

Fans are now letting their thoughts known about the fact that the last remaining member of the Uchiha Clan will be meeting up with Naruto’s own “Pervy Sage”, promising to give us a ninja partnership the likes of which we’ve never seen before!

Slide 3 of 8Bodied By The One Armed Man

Slide 4 of 8Once In A Lifetime

Slide 5 of 8Sasuke Would “Clap” Jiraiya

Slide 6 of 8I Love Them So Much

Slide 8 of 8A Man Of Mystery

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