Haikyuu Fans React to Series’ Huge Timeskip

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Haikyuu Fans React to Series’ Huge Timeskip

Haikyu!!’s fourth season is looking to be released early next year, following our favorite volleyballers as they look to take on new challenges as part of their highly competitive, hard hitting high school team. Though the franchise in the anime is at a certain point in the story, the manga is far ahead of the stories that folks know in animation. Recently, in the latest chapter of the manga, the characters of Haikyu!! in the Karasuno High School Volleyball Club have gone through a bit of a time skip, promising newer, “older” adventures in the popular sports anime franchise.

Now, fans are taking their thoughts on the recent time skip of Haikyu!!, letting the world know how they feel about their favorite characters aging up to encounter new challenges, both good and bad:

Slide 1 of 10We Can’t Just Start Over With A New Team?

Slide 2 of 10Extreme Overkill

Slide 3 of 10So Happy And So Sad

Slide 5 of 10The Absolute Audacity

Slide 6 of 10You’ve Broken My Heart

Slide 7 of 10F That Timeskip

Slide 8 of 10Don’t Mind The Time Skip

Slide 9 of 10So Excited

Slide 10 of 10Really Like How It’s Shaping Up

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