Chicago Fire Is Bringing Monica Raymund Back, And It’s Happening Very Soon

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Chicago Fire Is Bringing Monica Raymund Back, And It’s Happening Very Soon

Well, what do you know? Never did I ever think I could be so wrong about one of my favorite shows. After over a year of not appearing on screen as paramedic / firefighter Gabriela Dawson on NBC’s mega hit Chicago Fire, actress Monica Raymund is actually coming back to the show for a guest appearance. But, wait! The news gets even better, because we’ll be seeing Dawson and her portrayer again before 2019 comes to a close.

That’s right, Dawsey fans, Monica Raymund will be reprising her role as Dawson in the Season 8 winter finale of Chicago Fire. This means that we’ll be able to see Raymund on screen as the popular character during the episode titled “Best Friend Magic,” which airs on November 20 and will be Episode 9 of the season.

So, what will Dawson be up to in this magical episode of Chicago Fire? Here’s what showrunner Derek Haas had to say about her return to Entertainment Weekly:

Why is Derek Haas making this all sound so simple? Oh, right. He’s trying to hold on to the rest of the secrets that this episode will entail. I mean, we haven’t seen Dawson since she showed up, surprisingly, in the Season 7 premiere to dump her husband Casey. As fans will remember, he had been heartbroken over her leaving Chicago to do relief work in Puerto Rico, and was not doing well with a long distance relationship. Just when he had decided to head down there and talk things out with her, she comes home, only to end their marriage.

While we’re on the topic…What exactly will this do to Casey when he sees Dawson again? And, for that matter, what will it do to her? She may have broken up with him, but she did ask him to join her in Puerto Rico first, so it wasn’t a totally cold-hearted move on her part. Dawson is clearly planning to visit the firehouse to pay tribute to Otis, so, just what can we expect to see happen between the couple formerly known as Dawsey? Here’s what Monica Raymund had to say:

Um, excuse me madam, but, did you say we “can expect sparks to fly” when Dawson and Casey see each other again? I. Cannot. Take. This! There are only 22 days until we can feast our Dawsey starved eyeballs on this (potentially) wonderful sight and, I gotta say, it feels like way too many. Can someone just put me to sleep and feed my cats for that long so I can get to November 20 without the very real anguish of having to wait? You can? I didn’t know it would be that easy, but, great!

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC, and we can all see how Dawson and Casey react when they meet again (not to mention how Brett reacts to what will certainly cause a change in the Casett dynamic) when November 20 rolls around!

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