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Phoenix rises with driverless Waymo signups

Waymo’s autonomous cars have started picking up passengers in Phoenix, Arizona. Let’s focus on autonomous: Nobody is at the wheel. Riders-only. Source link

Will a Samsung headset entry rain on Apple's AR parade?

Tech watchers got busy this week in patent talk over possibilities that Samsung may be thinking of coming out with a device that could rival Apple’s alleged AR glasses. Source link

Scanning Earth is the mission because time is running out

As a response to the climate crisis, a project effort seeks to do a LiDAR scan of the Earth’s surface—as time runs out. What, that urgent? Two professors at Colorado State University appear to think so. They are archaeologist Chris Fisher and geographer, Steve Leisz. Source link

Google completes first drone delivery in the US

Alphabet (Google) subsidiary Wing has become the first company in the United States to deliver packages by drone. Source link

Patent talk: Plasma compression fusion device ignites curiosity over nuclear fusion

The patent application for a “Plasma Compression Fusion Device” was applied for in March last year. It read, “Application filed by US Secretary of Navy.” The patent application was published in September this year. Under discussion is a compact fusion reactor. Source link

Kirigami sensor patch for shoulders could improve injury recovery, athletic training

Inspired by a University of Michigan professor’s recovery after a cycling crash, an innovative patch could bring the assessment of human joints into the 21st century. Source link

Microsoft patent filings raise chatter about Xbox VR

A VR boundary mat. A motion controller. A stylus. These are new patent ideas that were spotted on Oct. 4 by a Twitter user. They have inspired anticipation as well as chatter amongst Microsoft watchers. Sure, not all patent ideas turn into products but in this instance, What If? Source link

Bosch aims to fill in blanks on automotive safety in electric vehicles

First responders and rescue teams are respected for doing all they can and based on what they know to help rescue victims of vehicle accidents as fast as possible. Source link

Patent talk: Apple logo could light up notifications

How could two blah words “adjustable decoration” garner so much chatter in days? Well, it’s about Apple, that’s one hotly scented trail, and it’s about how the Apple logo might become more than a brain imprint for Apple products. Source link

EarEcho: Unlock your smartphone with earbuds

Visit a public space. Chances are you’ll see people wearing earbuds or earphones. Source link